Our school is non-denominational Christian School. Our staff attend different churches and our school is not aligned to one denomination.

When we use the term ‘Christian’ we refer to the accounts of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. If you have a moment, the best video that we’ve found that explains this is called “Falling Plates“.

Christians believe that faith in Jesus answers the big questions in life and compels us to be loving and generous to the people around us. If you are curious about the claims of the Christian faith, you might find this video series helpful.

As a Christian school, we talk about Jesus and we do things commonly associated with Christianity like reading the Bible, praying and singing. We also work very hard to promote a positive environment in the school where children can be free from bullying and other socially destructive behaviour.

The school provides a framework that supports students to think about the purpose in life and to ask challenging questions. As a community of Christian educators, we are committed to walking alongside the students as they experience highs and lows, and to live a life of courage, respect, love and grace.

We aim to build a biblical foundation in each student’s life during their school years at ACC. What a student does once they’ve finished school is beyond our influence, but the school will present them the knowledge to make informed decisions.