Message from David Fyfe

Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of Australian Christian College, I would like to wish every one of our ACC Hobart families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It has been a wonderful blessing to welcome our new Tasmanian schools into the ACC family.

The transition to ACC has progressed with new uniforms, the first refurbished classroom at the campus (Secondary room), new signage (soon to arrive) and marketing, amongst many of the adjustments to being part of ACC.

We would like to honour and respect staff who will not be continuing with us next year. We are grateful for the many faithful years of service to Christian Education that these staff have, and continue to make. Our farewells go to Mr Jared Khu, Mrs Caroline Norman, Miss Hannah Hopwood, Mrs Libby Dilger, Mrs Dagmar Green and Mr Charlie Norman. We want to thank these staff for the many years of service to Seabrook and now ACC Hobart. Our thoughts and prayers go with these people as a new chapter commences in 2018.

ACC welcomes the following new staff who commence at Hobart in January 2018; Mr David Noble (Principal) and Mrs Jessica Rogers. We await confirmation of one or two other staff positions. There will be an opportunity for the community to meet with Mr David Noble who will attend the ACC Hobart Awards Ceremony on Tuesday night 12th December (some of you may already know of David as he has taught previously at Seabrook). Please join us in welcoming David to the school and pray for him as he takes on the leadership role.

I look forward to joining with you next year in serving your family in Christian Education at ACC Hobart. My prayer is that you may enjoy a safe and rest-filled Christmas and New Year with family and friends.

Kind regards,

David Fyfe

Message from Mr Khu

Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us,
that we should be called the children of God!

1 John 3:1

Dear families,

The 2017 school year is about to end, and what another tumultuous year the school has had!  With the excellent staff team that God provided this year, we have made good progress on the necessary changes to our curriculum.  The biggest change of all was the takeover of Seabrook Christian School by Australian Christian College.

With the new year just around the corner, there are still more changes coming, including a change of staff here at Hobart.  As you would have read in David Fyfe’s message, I will not be continuing as principal, and Mr David Noble, whom many of you may remember, will be taking over as the new principal.  I would ask that you keep the two of us in your prayers as we strive, with God’s help, to ensure a smooth transition to Mr Noble’s leadership. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the staff and volunteers from Hobart, Somerset and Launceston for their fearless and dedicated commitment to serving God here at Seabrook/ACC. This year has been very challenging for me personally, and I am so thankful for God’s sustaining strength, and the support, encouragement and prayers of the staff team and Board Members He has placed around me to work with.

As mentioned in David Fyfe’s letter, Mrs Norman, Miss Hopwood, Mrs Green, Mrs Dilger and Charlie Norman will also not be continuing in 2018.  Miss Khu and Mrs Woodman will be continuing in the primary school in 2018.  These dear sisters and brother will need our prayers as they continue on in their walk with the LORD, both inside and outside of the ACC community.

Looking forward, ACC has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy with regards to ICT, and encourages primary school students to have their own iPad and high school students to have their own MacBook Air.  An information letter has been sent to all students with more details around use of laptops in the High School next year.  Please contact the front office if your family have not received the letter.  To find out more about the cost of these items, please visit:

MacBook Air:

Families that are on a health care card or pension card are eligible for a No Interest Loan Subsidy (NILS).  See the information below in this newsletter.  I know many of our families will not be able to afford either of these devices, and I encourage you to speak to the new principal, Mr. David Noble, as early as possible next year regarding this.

I encourage the entire school family to live God centred lives through all the changes that are happening. The future is bright, and what a blessing it is to be called Children of God!

There have been many highlights for me this year, but the ones that have made an impact on me are the ones where the students in every section of the school raised the bar and pushed out the boundaries of what they were comfortable with, to grow more in Christ and in themselves.  The performance of the musical comes to mind, but there are many others - some students overcame fear of water and not only began to learn to swim, they also learned how to stand up on a paddle board!  Some students grew tremendously in their walk with the LORD, and in their desire to serve God rather than seek their own pleasure.  Others grew academically, and yet others grew in leadership potential.

As our political climate slides deeper into immorality, and as many of our leaders elevate the word of man over the Word of God, we can expect to see great changes in our social order in the not too distant future.  These changes will grow to more strongly oppose the Word of God as time goes on, and we, the body of Christ, must continue to hold fast to what is true, noble and just.  We must continue to meditate on whatever things are pure, lovely and of good report.  Parents, the responsibility of ensuring your children do not fall prey to whatever untruths that tickle their fancy and cause them to depart from the faith, lies with you.  By giving your children a solid, Bible based, Christian education, you are giving your most precious loved ones the best shot of growing up in the instruction and discipline of the LORD.

I pray that you all enjoy the Christmas break, taking time to remember why Jesus came down to earth to be with us – to save us from our sin – and that the LORD continues to richly bless each one of you in 2018.

I look forward to seeing you all at our Awards Night, when we celebrate the achievements the LORD has given us in 2017.

Blessings in His Name,

Jared Khu

Musical: “The Old Testament Fast Forward”

Our Musical was performed on Friday 17th November and exceeded all expectations. Despite much grumbling over the number of rehearsals, and the need to repeat scenes until they mastered them, the students rose to the occasion and gave their best performance on the night. The success of the evening was a fitting reward for the hard work and diligence of the staff and students involved. The grumbling is now but a faint memory in the afterglow of success.

As well as fulfilling the drama and music requirements of the Australian Curriculum, the Musical has enriched our students’ understanding of the unfolding of God’s plan throughout the Old Testament; as well as giving real life lessons in perseverance and patience.

We extend our thanks and gratitude to Emmanuel Christian School for allowing us to use their auditorium free of charge, not just for the final performance, but also for numerous rehearsals along the way. We also extend our thanks and appreciation to Mrs Hui Khu, Mrs Elizabeth Miller and Mrs Rosemary Hochman for volunteering many hours of their time to help with the sewing of the costumes.

Special recognition needs to be given to Miss Jennifer Miller and Miss Adrienne Khu. This musical was their vision; and it was their enthusiasm, talent, perseverance and patience which brought it to fruition.

Awards Presentation Evening

Students, Parents, Family and Friends are warmly invited to attend our Awards Presentation Evening

To be held at the Hobart City Church of Christ 8A Goulburn St, Hobart On Tuesday, 12th December commencing at 6:30pm

Please bring a plate of supper to share

Arrangements for the Final Week of Term 4:

  • Monday 11th December:
    • High School students will be travelling to Launceston for an Inter-Campus Sports Day (barefoot bowls).
      • Parents are to arrange for High School students to arrive at the Hobart Campus by 8:15am.
      • Students will travel to Launceston on one of our buses, driven by Mr Khu.
      • Students will arrive back at the Hobart Campus by 4pm.
      • Parents are to arrange for High School students to be collected from the Hobart Campus at 4pm.
    • There will be a modified bus timetable operating for the Primary (Kinder – Grade 6) Students. Copies of the timetable will be sent home with students this week.
  • Tuesday 12th December:
    • Normal School Day.
    • Students may wear sports uniform so their formal summer uniform is clean for the Presentation Evening.
    • High School students will be going swimming as their final HPE (sport) lesson for the year and will need to bring bathers, towel, etc.
    • Presentation Evening commences at 6:30pm (see invitation above).
    • All students are expected to attend the Presentation Evening and are required to wear summer school uniform. Students also need to bring their school jumper!
  • Wednesday 13th December:
    • Final day of term for Kinder students.
    • Final day of term for High School (Grade 7-10) students.
    • All students may wear neat, modest, casual clothes (gold coin donation).
    • There will be organised water activities at school. Students are advised to ensure clothes do not become transparent when wet, and to bring some dry clothes to change into after the water activities. Students are invited to bring water pistols to be used as part of the organised water activities; these will not be permitted to be used unsupervised and will be confiscated if misused.
    • There will be a BBQ lunch provided.
  • Thursday 14th December:
    • Normal School Day for all Primary (Prep-Grade 6) students.
  • Friday 15th December:
    • Final day of term for Primary (Prep-Grade 6) students.

Final Day of Term 4

  • Kinder students is Wednesday 13th December.
  • High School (Grade 7-10) students is Wednesday 13th December.
  • Primary (Prep – Grade 6) students is Friday 15th December.

Uniform Orders

By the end of this week, all students will have been fitted for their complimentary ACC uniforms. These uniforms will be available for collection from the Hobart Campus the week before school starts in 2018.

Families will be allocated an ID Code to be used to logon to the website to order additional uniform items. This ID Code will be sent to you over the next few weeks.

Students will be required to wear ACC uniform next year. Families may choose to keep their Seabrook uniform, but it will not be permitted to be worn to school. Any Seabrook uniform that families do not wish to keep may be returned to school and it will be donated to overseas charities.

We still have a number of Seabrook uniform items remaining in the uniform shop. These are being offered for sale at a reduced price for anyone interested in purchasing them.  The trousers, shorts, sports shorts etc. that do not carry the Seabrook logo may be of interest to families who are home-schooling. Please contact the Somerset office on 6435 1128 if you would like to buy any of the items.

No Interest Loan Program

A Message from Mrs Dilger

Dear Parents, Students and Fellow Staff,

2018 is bringing some exciting changes for our school. For the first time ever, our Hobart campus will have a fulltime Administration Officer to serve the school community. This is a positive step forward, but I truly believe that it is not God’s will for me to work fulltime; therefore I have not applied for this fulltime position. It will no longer be my voice answering the phone or my face behind the front counter next year.

When I started here in 2012, it was the first time I had worked in a school. In the past six years I have gained a lot of knowledge, but it took time. It may seem that I know all the workings of the school, but the reality is that I am still learning. The Administration Officer who takes over from me will also be learning. It will take time for them to get to know you, and to be able to understand some of your accents over the phone, and to be able to pronounce some of your names. They will not automatically know who they are speaking with and which students belong to which parents. They will do things differently to the way I have done things, and that is okay. You will all learn and grow together, just as we have.

As for me and my plans, I praise God for his perfect timing in my life! My husband is due long service leave next year, and we are planning on travelling to the United States for 6 to 8 weeks in the middle of the year. We have a daughter who has accepted a 12 month position as an Au-Pair (live-in Nanny) with a family in Stateline, Nevada, so we plan to visit her as part of our travels. I will also be continuing to serve my Church as their Treasurer. Beyond that, I am waiting for God to show me what His plans are for my future, and I will endeavour to serve wherever He leads me.

It has been my privilege to serve this school community, and I have been enriched through knowing each and every one of you! It will be strange not being here next year, and I will miss you all, but I place my trust in the Lord and in the knowledge that He is in control; both in my life and in the future of the school.

Mrs Libby Dilger
Outgoing Administrations Officer

A message from Miss Hopwood

To all the parents, students, and staff here at Australian Christian College, Hobart.

Changes are afoot! This year has been a big year for Seabrook/Australian Christian College. It has been a year of trials, triumphs, and transition, and had many learning curves for us all. I have thoroughly enjoyed my year teaching here in Hobart! I have met so many lovely people and taught amazing students. But as part of the changes that are happening, you won’t be seeing my face around the place next year. Lord willing, 2018 will find me in Canberra. I have accepted a position at a Christian school there, and am looking forward to being closer to many of my family members in Canberra and Sydney. I will be sad to leave this wonderful school community, as I have grown fond of getting to know students, families, and staff alike.

It really has been a joy to be here, to be part of this great team of families and staff endeavouring to glorify God through education! I have no doubt that God is in control and that all will work together for good for those who love Him. I am excited about what God has in store, not just for me, but also for this next chapter of Australian Christian College, and all of you here in Hobart. You never know, you may see me again when I come to visit. ☺

School Holiday Office Hours

The Hobart office will be closed from 5pm, Friday 15th December.

The Hobart office will re-open in late January; the actual date is still to be confirmed.

2018 Term Dates:

Term 1 Wednesday 7th February to Friday 13th April

Term 2 Monday 30th April to Friday 6th July

Term 3 Monday 30th July to Friday 28th September

Term 4 Monday 15th October to Thursday 13th December

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