From the Principal

“… let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…
Hebrews 12:1-2

Dear Families,

Greetings once again in Jesus’ Name. 

As the end of year rush comes upon us, how often do we find our minds wandering totally off topic when we’re in the middle of doing something?  I frequently find myself losing track of what I’m doing, it doesn’t matter if I’m marking tests or assessing a student’s work, or running out wire for an electric fence in my paddocks.   There are just so many things that can distract me.

So, for all of us, does it matter if we are focused on what we are doing?


Science indicates that our ability to focus turns out to be a pretty good indicator of success.  When a group of college students were tested by how easily they have their concentration shaken, it turned out to be a direct correlation for how they fared at school.  Those who were able to maintain focus performed better!!

So parents and students, here are 3 simple hacks that will help you stay focused:

1. Make sure you are properly rested.

Sleep has a bad reputation!  High school students that get their required amount of sleep (8 -9 hours per night) tend to be regarded as lazy or apathetic.  Lack of sleep affects you in a number of ways, from slowing alertness, concentration and problem solving, to even making you forgetful.  When you’re suffering from a lack of sleep, don’t go for the Red Bull or other energy drinks, get your sleep, and you will find yourself staying focused more deeply and for longer.

2. Give your full attention to the task.

Think of how many times we don’t give our full attention to what we are studying:

  • we talk to the person next to us about a movie we saw
  • we google some random topic
  • we daydream while trying to read a book

If we give 100% attention to our study or work, we will strengthen our focusing skills.  The good thing is that the focusing skills we develop while studying or working distraction free, carries over into every other area in life.

3. Do ONE thing at a time.

A huge focus killer is that awful temptation and desire to be pulled in 100 different directions.  If you want to study or work well, cut all strings that may be tempting you, pick up one task at a time and focus 100% of your attention and efforts on it until it is complete. 

With the pressure of study and work, it is natural for us to believe that we can perform at a high level while doing several things at once.  In reality, multi- tasking has the opposite effect. 

I hope this is helpful and encouraging to you all!

The weeks ahead are packed full of action!  Please see our calendar of events on our website, or read the summary in this newsletter. Please pray for our staff and students as they bear the stress of end of year pressures. 

In all this, let us remember to focus on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, and to run the race that He has marked out before us.

Blessings in His Name,

Jared Khu


Students are required to wear their school hat when outside during Term 4. Students who do not have their hat will be instructed to either stay indoors or to remain in a designated shade area. Please assist us in protecting your children from the damage that the sun can cause by ensuring they always have their hat at school.


High School Dinner

We will be holding a High School Dinner at the Bellerive Yacht Club on the evening of Thursday 7th December in honour of our grade 10 leavers. All high school students (grade 7-10) are encouraged to attend.

As this dinner is in honour of our grade 10 leavers, parents of grade 10 students are warmly invited and encouraged to be a part of this evening.

The finer details are still being confirmed. We are currently negotiating menu options with the yacht club. We aim to keep the price around $35 - $40 per person.

Formal invitations will be sent home once details are finalised.


Awards Presentation Evening

Students, Parents, Family and Friends are warmly invited to attend our Awards Presentation Evening

To be held at the Hobart City Church of Christ 8A Goulburn St, Hobart On Tuesday, 12th December commencing at 6:30pm

Please bring a plate of supper to share

Arrangements for the Final Week of Term 4:

  • Monday 11th December:
    • Normal School day.
  • Tuesday 12th December:
    • Normal School Day.
    • Presentation Evening commences at 6:30pm (see invitation above).
    • All students are expected to attend the Presentation Evening and are required to wear summer school uniform.
  • Wednesday 13th December:
    • Students may wear neat, modest, casual clothes (gold coin donation).
    • There will be organised water activities at school. Students are advised to ensure clothes do not become transparent when wet, and to bring some dry clothes to change into after the water activities.
    • Final day of term for High School (Grade 7-10) students.
  • Thursday 14th December:
    • Normal School Day for all Primary (Prep-Grade 6) students.
  • Friday 15th December:
    • Final day of term for Primary (Prep-Grade 6) students.

The school office will be closed from Monday 18th December.

The office will re-open in late January; the actual date is still to be confirmed.

2018 Enrolments – Applications are open now!

Do you have a child starting Kindergarten next year?

Do you have friends or neighbours looking for a school to enrol their children in?

Applications for enrolments for 2018 are being accepted now.
For details on how to apply, please phone the school office (6243 6113) or email [email protected].

Kinder Brochures

We are sending home two Kindergarten brochures per family. Please share these with family and friends who have kindergarten age children. Please let the school office know if you would like more of these brochures to share.


Thurs 16th November: All Day Musical Rehearsal at Emmanuel Christian School.

Fri 17th November: Musical Performance “The Old Testament Fast Forward”.

Mon 20th November: St Johns First Aid are visiting our Upper Primary Class.

Thurs 7th December: High School Dinner at Bellerive Yacht Club.

Tue 12th December: ACC Hobart Presentation Evening.

Wed 13th December: Casual Clothes Day and Water Activities.

Wed 13th December: Final day of term 4 for High School students.

Fri 15th December: Final day of term 4 for Primary students.

Please remember to use our calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

2018 Term Dates

Students return to school on Wednesday 7th February.

Click 'Google Calendar' to have our events display in your own calendar.