Principal’s Message

Can you remember the first time you met Jesus?

I was talking with a friend recently and asked him if he knew Jesus, he answered “No, I’ve never met him, what does he look like?” He was trying to be funny and brush off the question, but I was saddened, because the fact was he didn’t know Jesus. The pain in his life made it very clear that he was living without the knowledge of our saviour and his conversation reflected no hope, no joy and no acceptance.

I remember meeting Jesus 36 years ago, I can’t tell you what he looks like, but I can tell that when he found me I felt completely accepted.  In Luke 5:27 Jesus called Levi, the tax collector, to follow him. Levi was not accepted by other members of his community, because of the job he did, yet Jesus called him anyway.  To the surprise of everyone, Jesus went a step further and went to Levi’s house to share a meal. You see Jesus accepts everyone, especially those who feel left out.  He accepts them not only in word, but also in deed.  He rejects no one because of their job, their past or the things they have done. Jesus accepts everyone because God made them and He believes that we belong.

After meeting Jesus all those years ago I knew that I belonged in God’s family. I was accepted because Jesus had invited me.  In life, like everyone else, I have suffered disappointment and loss, but despite everything I know that I am and always will be accepted.  This knowledge brings me peace, joy and a hope for the future.

As a school, it is my prayer, that in 2018, as followers of Christ, we display an overwhelming attitude of acceptance. The same  acceptance that Jesus showed to Levi, the Tax collector.  Our words and deeds must make others feel like they belong, not only in our school, but in God’s family.


David Noble
[email protected] 


Good Beginnings

Congratulations are in order for the fine start made to the 2018 academic year by our students.  Everyone looked fabulous in their new school uniform and it didn’t take long before each class was busily working away in their respective classrooms.  A real sense of community is evident among the students at break times and there is a buzz in the air with everyone showing a desire to learn as much as possible. Thank you to all parents for getting everything ready for the start and a huge thanks goes to the staff who have been working above and beyond to set up classrooms in new locations.  What a great team effort!

A challenge has been issued to all students to learn and recite the names of the books of the Bible. Students only get one shot at saying them to Mr. Noble and there is a prize for the first person (under 17) to get them all right. Hopefully the winner can be announced in the next newsletter.


Hats provide vital protection from the sun at this time of the year.  It is the school policy that hats are to be worn when outside at break times in term one and four. Let's look after our skin and keep those hats on heads.


Our blazers look very smart and it important to wear them, along with the rest of the uniform with pride. Students have been asked to wear blazers to and from school and for formal occasions such as assemblies.  Blazers are not to be worn in class unless students are very cold.  It is best practice for students to take blazers off inside and hang them them on their chairs. They should not be worn in the playground, again, unless it is really cold (below 12 degrees). Remember, jumpers are available from the uniform e-store, which are recommended for cooler days and can be worn under the blazer during the coldest months.

Physical Education Days

Sports uniforms should be worn on the day when Physical Education is scheduled or when teachers have requested it for special events or excursions.

Thursday is the scheduled day Primary Physical Education

While Friday is the scheduled day for High School.

Working bee

Please join the school community for a working bee.  It is a great opportunity to get to know others and helps our school look much better.  The first working bee will be on the 24th of February from 9am to 12pm. Working bees will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Jobs will include fencing, painting, weeding, mowing, snipping, moving and spreading softfall and filling up the sandpit.


Everyone needs one (except Kinder students).

High School students require either a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air. Primary students require an iPad. The iPad can be wifi only and the 32GB version will be fine.  A huge thank you to Emma Direen for researching information about this.  Feel free to contact the office and ask where you can buy an iPad new.  Please also feel free to source a second hand device, but make sure it is not any more than 4 years old.

As the high school curriculum relies heavily on an electronic learning management system, it is vital that all high school students have their Macs. Please contact the office immediately if you require assistance in getting one.

Stationary Packs

All the students have been issued their stationary packs in class. Please pay for the packs at the front office if you haven’t already done so. The prices per student are $25 for secondary students and $50 for primary students.

What’s happening

The high school has begun using Schoology and are becoming more familiar with using their devices.  They have been seriously considering the process of successful learning.  One of the requirements for learning is that students step out of their comfort zone and be prepared to face challenges.  While this might sound obvious, so many people avoid the discomfort of challenge.  The high school class visited the Fusion Adventure Based Learning Centre to engage in some physical challenges designed to take students out of their comfort zone.  

Some of the activities were group based while others were individual in nature. After the day, students expressed a great sense of achievement as many overcame fear and apprehension and built a strong sense of teamwork. There were a number of students that succeeded in pushing themselves that one step further than they thought they could.  Think about this, if every student takes even a single step further each day at school, then imagine how far they will travel in one school year.

Group challenge at Fusion

The Sugar Glider

In the Primary classes, Miss Khu has her students puzzled. The challenge of figuring things out for themselves has only just begun.  Mrs Woodman is aiming for the stars as her class tackles an Earth and Space unit. Her students are strapping themselves in for a learning journey of “astronomical” proportions.

Mrs Woodman’s class prepare to take off this term.

Parent Talk Interviews

On Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th of March we encourage you to book in to see your child's teacher so you can discuss specific goals for your children. This is your opportunity to express any educational wishes for 2018. Appointments can be made from the beginning of March via the office. Each appointment will be for 10 minutes, so you will need to be on time to help the evening run smoothly. If you feel you will need more than 10 minutes, please mention this when making the appointment so we can make arrangements.

Samuel’s Letter

Samuel Myint from Year 5 wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Australia last year. He expressed his desires and concerns for Australia in an effort to make a difference.  At the beginning of this year Samuel received a reply from Mr Malcolm Turnbull which addressed Samuel’s concerns and praised him for his passion to see Australia become a better place. Well done Samuel

School Banking

For all the savvy savers out there - School banking will start again on Monday the 19th of February.

To Give a Away

We have 4 small computer desks to give away.  If there are any families that would like to have one please contact Mrs Rogers in the office and arrange with her how you would like to pick it up.


The school is currently advertising for a Part-time Secondary Teacher, A Part-time Bus Driver and a Part-time Grounds and Maintenance Officer. If you know of anyone who may be interested in applying please direct them to the Australian Christian College website and look under the Careers tab.


Important dates to remember:


  • 16th - Parent Info Night 7pm
  • 24th - Working Bee 9am-12pm


  • 7th - Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • 8th - Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • 12th - Eight Hour Day - Public Holiday
  • 19th - 23rd - Learn to Swim
  • 22nd - Year 7 immunisations
  • 24th - Working Bee 9am-12pm
  • 29th - Special Easter Celebration
  • 30th - Good Friday - Public Holiday


  • 1st - Easter Sunday (daylight saving ends)
  • 2nd - Easter Monday - Public Holiday
  • 3rd - Easter Tuesday - Public Holiday
  • 13th - Last day of Term 1

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