Principal’s Message

It is Mother’s Day this Sunday, the day we honour the women in our lives who have loved and nurtured us.  Whether they are our natural mothers or a special person who has just always been there for us, it is a time to stop, reflect, say thank you and do something extra special for them in appreciation.

There are amazing mothers described in the bible. Naomi is one of them. She was far from home when her husband and two sons died. Stranded in a foreign land, she decided to return to her home country. Ruth, who was Naomi’s daughter-in-law, had nowhere to turn, so Naomi gathered her up and headed for Bethlehem.

Naomi was too old to remarry, so she searched for a relative who could look after both of them. Ruth was from Moab, where they worshipped other gods. Through Naomi’s example of faithfulness, Ruth chose to follow the Lord (Ruth 1:16).

Naomi counselled Ruth in her dealings with a rich young man named Boaz. Naomi’s wisdom lead to Ruth being married and having a son called Obed. Obed was King David’s grandfather. With Naomi’s example and encouragement Ruth’s was transformed from a childless widow with no livelihood to the great grandmother of David, whose royal bloodline continues through to Jesus! God used Noami to bless Ruth whose descendant - Mary - gave birth to Jesus, Saviour of the world.

A woman of God has great influence, not only in her own family, but in the wider community. Her impact can resound for generations. I encourage you to take time this Sunday to reflect and be grateful for all the positive influences mums have on our society today.


David Noble


Kindergarten for 2019

It's that time of year when we need to plan for next year.  Enrolments are now open for Kindergarten students starting 2019.  Please enrol siblings now and spread the word about our fantastic school.  


As the cooler weather creeps in, don’t forget to order jumpers (and any other uniform items you require) via the e-store! Winter uniforms will be compulsory from week four (from the 21st of June).  Beanies, scarves and gloves may also be worn to and from school and in the playground when deemed necessary, but they must be plain navy blue (without  badges or patterns). Reminder that full uniforms should be worn to, at and from school, including the correct shoes.

Working bee

You may have noticed our school foyer has had a facelift, the makeover all began at the last working bee.  It's amazing what can be achieved when people come together for a common purpose. Please join the school community at our next working bee.  Those that attended last time had a great time of fellowship. Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know others as we turn our attention into making a school library.  The working bee day is Saturday 26th of May! Work starts at 9am and we stop around lunchtime.

Stationary Packs & School Fees

Nearly all our families have paid for their stationary packs. That’s awesome! There are still a couple outstanding, would those families please come in and pay at the office:

Parents that are paying the school fees via the school office, please make sure you keep up to date with payments, the fourth installments are now due.

School Photos

We had our school photos taken on the 30th of April. If you have any enquiries or would like to order (extra) photos, please contact the friendly people at Leading Image on 6228 9966, email: [email protected] or via their website:

Workshop for Food Handlers

Are you interested in volunteering to help run the canteen?  Clarence City Council will be holding a free workshop for Food Handlers on the 29th of May from 9:30am - 11:30am. Ms Rogers will be attending, if you would like to participate, please let her know by Monday the 21st of May.

Facebook Page

Get on board and keep up to date. Click here to visit our new facebook page, or just search 'Australian Christian College Hobart' and join the group.

School Banking

Invest in the future! Remember school banking day is each Monday. It is great to develop a saving habit at a young age, so encourage your children to participate.

Coles Sports for Schools

We still have a little time left to send in any coupons from Coles. If you find any stragglers lying around the house/car/handbag please bring them in to the office as soon as possible. Collecting the coupons enables us to buy sports equipment for the students to enjoy at school!!

Tasmanian Premier’s Reading Challenge

And they’re off!!  The Tasmanian Premier’s Reading Challenge has started and our children are reading with fervour! Please keep encouraging your children to take part! The 10 week challenge started on Monday 9th of April and goes until Friday 15th of June. The challenge is to read 10 books (or more) in those 10 weeks and there are prizes to be won! Check the website to find out more. 


Important dates to remember:


8th - Y3-6 Excursion to Federation Concert Hall

15th - NAPLAN testing begins

26th - Working Bee 9am-12pm

29th  -  Workshop for Food Handlers


11th - Queen’s Birthday Holiday

15th - End of Premier’s Reading Challenge

23rd - Working Bee 9am-12pm


3rd & 4th - Parent Teachers Interviews and Reports

6th - Last day of Term 2

30th - First day of Term 3


28th - Last day of Term 3


15th - Beginning of Term 4

25th - Royal Hobart Show Day (Public Holiday)


Student school reports

13th - Last day of Term 4

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