Student learning through art

Australian Christian College fosters spiritual growth and academic success in an environment that celebrates excellence. The school effectively integrates faith and learning without compromising either.

The school’s goal is to nurture the ‘whole child’ by offering a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. The school maintains a dynamic learning environment that has been purposefully constructed to allow each student to thrive spiritually, academically, socially and physically.

Academically, what we are striving to achieve is:

  1. For each student to develop a genuine love of learning; and
  2. To teach students how to learn.

These objectives are achieved via a blended learning program with the following benefits:

  • Your child will enjoy a modern learning environment, with the latest technology, soft furnishings and contemporary decor.
  • An inquiry-based approach to student learning is applied, which develops academic motivation in students.
  • Your child will learn the most up to date subject matter as the teachers constantly update the learning program every day.
  • Every year we purchase a variety of new learning resources for the students. We’re not very sentimental – so you won’t find dusty books from the 1970s or overhead projectors hidden away in closets.

The vision of the school is to develop students who are equipped spiritually, academically, socially and physically to be a positive influence on the world.

Visit the school and you’ll experience a community of young learners who regularly display courage, integrity, compassion, humility, self-control and resilience.