Extension & Support

Psalm 139 tells us that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”. We have the same heart for each and every student.

Learning Support

Extension Support

Our approach to learning support is based on the idea that a student learns best within a supportive cohort. Withdrawal from the classroom is only appropriate when the student is struggling to behave appropriately or when there’s a specific goal to achieve before the student can rejoin his or her peers.

  • We focus on training our teachers so they have plenty of options when a student doesn’t understand a learning task.
  • We use diagnostic tools to define problems in literacy.
  • We offer support during examinations for students who need reading assistance or more time.
  • We provide each student with the dignity and respect they need to go forward in their learning.

Learning Extension

Our teachers are always interested in going further with students who love a particular topic. You’ll often see teachers and students engaged in discussions during break times. Our cocurricular clubs are another opportunity to go deeper into a topic.